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Officers &
Board of Directors (Term Expires)
Daniel P. Mirda, M.D.
Napa (2018)
A. Dimitrios Colevas, M.D.
Stanford (2018)

Bradley C. Ekstrand, M.D.
Vice President
San Mateo (2017)

David Gandara, M.D.
Sacramento (2018)


Tyler Paul Johnson, M.D.
Stanford (2019)

Robert L. Robles, M.D.
Pleasant Hill (2019)

Michael Zachary Koontz, M.D.
Morgan Hill (2019)


Jose Luis Gonzalez
Executive Director
San Rafael

Raymond Liu, M.D.
San Francisco (2018)

Ostap Melnyk, M.D.
Antioch (2019)

Joel Neal, M.D.
Stanford (2017)
Minggui Pan, M.D.
Santa Clara (2017)

The ANCO Board of Directors meets by teleconference and in person to discuss issues affecting the Association and its members, clinical and professional educational meeting proposals, and ways to serve the membership. Board meetings are open to all members. Please e-mail or call Jose Luis Gonzalez, ANCO Executive Director, at (415) 472-3960 if you wish to participate in a future meeting.

Founder & Past Presidents

Peter D. Eisenberg, M.D., Founder
Greenbrae (1990-1993)

David S. Gullion, M.D.
Greenbrae (1994-1995)

Myron Turbow, M.D.
San Carlos (1996-1997)

Michael J. Cassidy, M.D.
Berkeley (1998-1999)

Robert S. Miller, M.D.
Sacramento (2000-2001)

John A. Keech, Jr., D.O.
Chico (2002-2003)

Peter Paul Yu, M.D.
Sunnyvale (2004-2005)

Bimal J. Patel, M.D.
San Leandro (2006-2007)
Richard A. Bohannon, M.D.
San Francisco (2008-2009)

L. Wayne Keiser, M.D.
Santa Rosa (2010-2011)

Jeffrey Cronk, M.D.
Antioch (2012-2013)