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The Association of Northern California Oncologists (ANCO) is an association of hematologists/oncologists dedicated to promoting high professional standards of cancer care by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, data, and knowledge. ANCO On-Line (www.anco-online.org) is provided as a service to ANCO members.

The material presented at ANCO On-Line is intended as general information for ANCO members. Because diagnostic, treatment, contracting, and billing decisions should be made on a case-by-case basis, any such information contained presented at ANCO On-Line may not apply in any given situation. Specifically, the information presented on ANCO On-Line does not represent medical advice, and physicians must exercise their own professional judgement in treating patients. In addition, members are encouraged to contact their own consultants or advisors to obtain specific advice on matters relating to contracting, coding, and billing. The information presented on ANCO On-Line should not be used as a substitute for such advice.

ANCO makes no warranties or representations concerning the quality or accuracy of any other web site which may be viewed as a link from ANCO On-Line. The links are to other organization's web sites. Therefore, ANCO has no control over the content of those web sites. While we attempt to provide access to useful information, we offer no guarantee on the accuracy of information presented on linked web sites.

ANCO reserves the right to remove materials from ANCO On-Line at any time, and to terminate access rights for any illegal, unethical, or otherwise harmful conduct, or based on membership criteria as determined by ANCO.

Finally, if you feel you have a health problem, consult your health care provider. There is no substitute for professional care.