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ANCO organizes an ambitious annual clinical and professional education meeting schedule consisting of several Highlights programs, practice administrator meetings, and occasional special meetings. We also keep our members informed of other meetings of interest (in California and beyond), including ACCC's meetings, ASCO's Annual Meeting and Symposia & Workshops, and ASH's meetings.

The ANCO Education Committee and Board of Directors clinical education strategy (adopted in 2004) is as follows:

  1. ANCO has very successfully organized several annual Highlights programs over the past several years. These have been our best attended, supported, and received programs to date. ANCO will expand (i.e., add time, national faculty, locations, delivery systems) to our existing offerings (i.e., San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, ASH, ASCO) and add additional Highlights programs.
  2. In light of a need for additional nursing continuing medical education and the PhRMA and OIG guidelines, ANCO will seek accreditation for ANCO clinical education meetings via our Institutional Members, other academic centers, ASCO, and possibly through IMQ/CMA.
  3. ANCO will only consider proposals for single-sponsor, evening clinical education dinner meetings that feature the highest quality speakers (i.e., thought leaders) on the most important clinical topics.
Clinical Education

ANCO's clinical education meetings, including Highlights meetings of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, ASH Annual Meeting, and ASCO Annual Meeting present distinguished speakers on pertinent clinical topics in oncology. Participants not only learn at these meetings, but they enjoy a social dinner atmosphere with their colleagues. In addition, ANCO disseminates information about several clinical education programs per year organized by our Institutional Members.

Upcoming clinical education meetings (locations, dates) are:

ANCO Event (The State of Cancer Care) at ASCO's Best of ASCO (San Francisco, June 15)


• ANCO's 3Q2017 Hematological Malignancies Update (Palo Alto, September 9)


• ANCO's 4Q2017 Hematological Malignancies Update (San Francisco, November 4)


Materials from recent clinical education meetings:


• ANCO's 2Q2017 Hematologic Malignancies Updates
Mehrdad Abedi's Updates in Hematology: ANCO 2017

Sandy Wong's Updates on the Treatments of Multiple Myeloma and Light-Chain Amyloidosis

Julian Davis's ANCO Hematologic Malignancies Updates


• 17th Multidisciplinary Management of Cancers: A Case-based Approach (Tumor Board Cases)


• ANCO's SABCS Highlights 2016

Candice Sauder's SABCS 2016: A Surgeon's Perspective
Tracy Sherertz's SABCS: Radiation Therapy Updates
Hope S. Rugo's SABCS 2016: Medical Oncology


• ANCO's 4Q2016 Hematological Malignancies Update

Bruno Medeiros's Acute and Chronic Leukemias

Jeffrey Wolf's Myeloma: Are We on the Brink of a Cure?

Gregory Kaufman's Clinical Case Vignettes


• ANCO's 3Q2016 Hematological Malignancies Update
Bruno Medeiros's Acute and Chronic Leukemias

Aaron Rosenberg's Updates on, and Approaches to, the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Rajeev Krishnan's Case Studies


• ANCO's ASCO Highlights 2016
Rebecca L. Olin's ANCO: ASCO Highlights 2016--Hematologic Malignancies

Primo N. Lara, Jr.'s Best of ASCO 2016--Lung Cancer

Edward J. Kim's ASCO Highlights 2016: Gastrointestinal Cancer

Sandy Srinivas's ASCO 2016: GU Highlights

Shannon MacLaughlin David's Gynecologic Oncology at ASCO: The Highlight Reel

Melanie C. Majure's ANCO's ASCO Highlights 2016: Breast Cancer Track


• California's End of Life Option Act Webinar and Additional Resources
Listen/watch to the webinar (apologies for the truncated beginning of this recording)

Download the slides and Act

California Hospital Association's Guidance

Califormia Medical Association's Guidance

POLST and Death with Dignity Statutes


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Professional Education

ANCO's professional education meetings present speakers on topics about the management of office-based medical practices and oncology reimbursement techniques. Participants not only learn at these meetings, but they also form a network of resources to turn to when billing and reimbursement and management issues arise.

Upcoming professional education meetings (speakers, locations, dates) are:

• ANCO's 2017 Professional Education Meeting (San Jose, September 6)

Materials from recent professional education meetings:


• Roberta Buell's Hot Topics in Reimbursement


• ANCO's 2016 Professional Education Meeting
Sybil R. Green's Are Your Ready for MACRA? How to Prepare

Arthur Lurvey's Medicare: Trials, Tribulations and Changes

Shirley Otis-Green's The End of Life Option Act

Elaine Towle's The ASCO PUF: Using CMS Data to Understand the Oncology Delivery Ecosystem

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Other Meetings

Other forthcoming meetings of potential interest to ANCO members are listed here.

ACCC's Meetings

ASCO's Meetings

ASH's Meetings

2017 ASCO Annual Meeting (ASCO, Chicago, June 2-6)


Participating in Decisions about Your Care (Part IV of Life with Cancer: A Guide to Getting the Best Care) (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 7)


Transplantation as a Treatment Option for Multiple Myeloma (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 8)


Update on Soft Tissue Sarcoma (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 9)


For Caregivers: Practical Tips to Cope with Your Loved One's Lung Cancer (Part II of Living with Lung Cancer) (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 13)


For Caregivers: Care Coordination for Your Loved One Living with Cancer (Part V of Life with Cancer: A Guide to Getting the Best Care) (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 14)


Taking Your Pills on Schedule: The Importance of Adherence in the Treatment of Cancer (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 14)


Best of ASCO (ASCO, San Francisco, June 16-17)


Advances in the Treatment of Metastatic Prostate Cancer (Part I of Living with Prostate Cancer) (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 20)


Update on the Treatment of Bladder Cancer (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 21)


Current Perspectives on Early Stage Breast Cancer (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 22)


Update in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 26)


For Caregivers: Coping with a Loved One's Prostate Cancer (Part II of Living with Prostate Cancer) (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 27)


What Are Generic Drugs: Understanding Their Role in Cancer Treatment--Current and Future Perspectives (CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 29)


POLST: It Starts With A Conversation (Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, Long Beach, June 29-30)


Medical Update on Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML; CancerCare Connect Education Workshop, June 30)


16th Annual International Congress on the Future of Breast Cancer (ANCO Member Discount Code IBW17ANCO, PER, San Diego, July 14-15)


18th Annual International Lung Cancer Congress (ANCO Member Discount Code ILC17ANCO, Huntington Beach, July 27-29)


2017 ASH Meeting on Hematologic Malignancies (ASH, Chicago, September 8-9)


ASCO Advocacy Summit 2017: Lead, Engage, Influence (ASCO, Washington, D.C., September 27-28)


34th National Oncology Conference (ACCC, Nashville, October 18-20)


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