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Introduction to ANCO

The Association of Northern California Oncologists (ANCO) was organized in 1990 to be an advocate for, educate, and inform the practicing hematologist and oncologist.

ANCO is an Institutional Member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC), a state/regional affiliate of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and a member of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS). ANCO and the Medical Oncology Association of Southern California (MOASC) share the oncology specialty delegation at the California Medical Association (CMA). Visit Links & Resources for additional information.

ANCO is dedicated to assisting oncologists and their staffs deliver the highest quality patient care by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, data, and knowledge and by representing the interests of oncologists, nurses, practice managers, and people living with cancer before state and federal government agencies, regional and national oncology and medical societies, and insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

ANCO's goal is to preserve and defend the autonomy of hematologists/oncologists to provide the highest quality cancer care to people living with cancer. Our clearly defined objectives are to:

Serve as an advocate and liaison for its members before national and regional organizations (i.e., government, private, and corporate), as well as public and private payers.

Play an active role in the reimbursement environment on behalf of hematologists/oncologists, nurses, practice managers, and people living with cancer.

Provide clinical education to hematologists/oncologists and nurses and professional education to hematologists/oncologists, nurses, and practice managers.

Disseminate the latest and best information impacting the practice of oncology to members.

To these ends, ANCO disseminates information of its web site, via e-mail and FAX broadcasts, and via the ANCO FAX News; organizes clinical education meetings for oncologists and nurses and professional education meetings for hematologists/oncologists, nurses, and practice managers; and, regularly meets with representatives of important players in the health care sector on behalf of oncologists, nurses, practice managers, and people living with cancer.

ANCO currently represents approximately 350 hematologists/oncologists throughout Northern California, in addition to New Mexico and Oregon. While the majority of our members are community-based oncologists, ANCO also represents the hematologists/oncologists of the regional academic centers (Stanford University, UC Davis, and UC San Francisco) and The Permanente Medical Group.

ANCO is governed by an elected Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

If you are interested in learning more about ANCO, please contact:

Jose Luis Gonzalez, ANCO Executive Director
Association of Northern California Oncologists
Post Office Box 151109
San Rafael, CA 94915-1109
Voice: (415) 472-3960; FAX: (415) 472-3961